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Pet Minding, Dog Walking & Nursing Care

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With over 30 years experience caring for rabbits & guinea pigs, Newington Pet Care offers a professional boarding facility specifically for rabbits and guinea pigs.

We have two types of accommodation available depending on your rabbit & guinea pigs usual lifestyle. Cages are available both indoors in an air conditioned environment or in an outside protected, covered, safe & secure area. Time outdoors for some exercise & play is included daily. Please advise us when making a booking if your rabbit or guinea pig is usually housed inside or out as we try to keep their living conditions as close to their home environment as possible to minimise stress.


  • Safe & secure cages
  • Non Wire based cages for guinea pigs
  • Choice of indoor or outdoor (protected, covered, secure area) cages
  • Clean bedding of newspaper & shavings
  • Provision for air conditioned care in hot weather
  • Fresh water daily
  • Twice daily dry food (mix specifically designed to meet the dietary requirements of rabbits & guinea pigs
  • Fresh fruit & vegetables provided daily
  • Fresh grass picked & fed daily
  • Hay - Oaten and/or Meadow
  • Nail clip
  • Mite treatment
  • Daily care provided by Veterinary Nurses


Guinea Pigs

The cost for boarding up to two guinea pigs (from the same family sharing a cage) is $70 per week or $10 per day and is all inclusive (cage, all food, bedding etc).

A minimum three night stay applies.


The cost for boarding one rabbit is $70 per week or $10 per day and is all inclusive (cage, all food, bedding etc).

The cost for boarding a second rabbit (from the same family sharing a cage) is $4 per day.

A minimum three night stay applies.

A pick up & return service is also available (extra charge applicable)