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Pet Minding, Dog Walking & Nursing Care

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Rabbit Adoption

As part of our work as Emergency/ ICU Veterinary Nurses, sadly each year we are witness to many cases of abandoned and unwanted pets. In return for the many rewarding aspects of caring for animals, Newington Pet Care has put in place a "Rabbit Refuge" for the many rabbits that are brought in as strays or abandoned through our associated Veterinary Hospital each year. Unfortunately not all pounds will accept rabbits which leaves little option other than euthanasia.

As part of our rabbit adoption program Newington Pet Care has committed to housing, desexing & vaccinating these rabbits and providing them with a loving refuge until a permanent suitable caring home can be provided for each of these bunnies.

Each rabbit is desexed, vaccinated for Calicivirus (initial), treated for mites, fed & housed at our expense in the hope that we will one day find them the ideal "forever" home. With daily interaction we are able to assess each individual bunnies personality, provide them with handling experience and litter/toilet training - to the best of that animals ability.

Whilst the cost associated with providing the above care for each of these rabbits is met by us, we do ask for an adoption fee of $100 when placing these rabbits in a new home. This demonstrates the commitment to the ongoing costs of a pet by the new family - it is important to remember that not only are you committing to providing a loving home with bedding and food but also health care including a yearly vaccination. The adoption fee is put back towards the care of the other rabbits currently still waiting for homes.

Please email [email protected] for further information on any of the rabbits for adoption or enquire using the Contact Us page. Thank you!



MALE. DESEXED & VACCINATED. Mav is super confident, friendly and likes the girls - just like his movie namesake!. He is a dwarf mini lop, approx. 8nths old as @ August 2016. He is litter trained. He would be suitable for a household with responsible children, another female bunny or as an "only" bunny. Mav has been in our care since March 2016.



Murphy has now found a wonderful new home with Sarah! Murphy is a quiet & gentle male bunny who loves a cuddle & is desperately looking for someone to love him. He is very cage proud - he keeps his cage nice & tidy and is litter trained. Murphy is looking for the perfect family to give him lots of love:) Murphy was in our care from early January until May 2013.


CARAMEL, ALICE & VEGEMITE have now found a fantastic new home all together! A BIG THANK YOU to Ash, Chris & Daniel for adopting all three. Caramel has a gentle personality & gorgeous big BLUE eyes! He is very easy to handle, loves a cuddle & is litter trained. Not much seems to bother Caramel - he is a very relaxed bunny who loves to just lay around. Caramel was lucky enough to only wait for a new home from mid April until May 2013.


ALICE has now found a fantastic new home with CARAMEL & VEGEMITE! ALICE is a gorgeous young desexed female rabbit who LOVES being cuddled & a scratch on the nose. With a confident & mischievous personality Alice has a new home that will give her all the attention she demands! Alice was in our care from Mid March until May 2013.


VEGEMITE has now found a fantastic new home with his friends CARAMEL & ALICE! Vegemite is a friendly, desexed male bunny with looks & personality. He is an inquisitive bunny who is very friendly. Vegemite was in our care from early January until May 2013.


MARCH 2013: Henry now has a new home with a wonderful new family! Henry is large adult male bunny with a big personality. He came to us harness & lead trained so is easy to take for walks. Henry appears to be house trained & so prefers the run of the house rather than a cage. He is a very confident rabbit who is happy to spend his day free to roam. Would make a great house bunny for a family looking at having a rabbit indoors or with the run of a secure yard. Henry was in our care from October 2012 until March 2013.