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Pet Minding, Dog Walking & Nursing Care

Company Message

Canine Behavior Rehabilitation & Training

As humans our biggest mistake is to loose sight of the fact that our dog is a dog. We treat our dog as a child or family member in order to fulfill our own personal needs.

Dogs on the other hand do not see themselves as part of our "family". It is their natural instinct to be part of a "pack" and hence seek guidance from a "pack leader". It is this pack leader who provides them with the guidance and emotional security that they need - these needs cannot be met by treating them as a "human" member of your family. When a dog is without a pack leader, natural instinct leaves them with little option but to become the pack leader within their environment and hence your family. This in turn results in many of the behavioral issues that we see in a dog particularly around their human family and within the home environment.

My philosophy is that 99% of behavioral issues with dogs can be corrected regardless of age or breed. This is because 99% of the "bad" habits or behavours that a dog has developed has been learnt through their interaction with humans.

These behaviors can be corrected without physical punishment but by working with a dog & family members to change the dynamic & hence correct the behavior.

Please note: Our Training & rehabilitation techniques cannot be successful without the full co operation and participation of both the dog AND their human family members. Whilst a significant amount of time is spent working with the animal we also require "hands on" participation with family members to ensure a successful outcome in the training & rehabilitation of your dog.

 Basic Training

All dogs require basic social & behavioral skills in order for them to live within a family & community. We can assist with training your dog to:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Drop
  • Lead walk - without pulling
  • Socialisation

We are also able to offer advice & guidance on toilet training and appropriate behavior within the home.


Regardless of a dogs age or breed we are able to work with both you and your dog to correct an inappropriate behavior or bad habit. We can assist with:

  • Excessive barking
  • Destructive behavior
  • Aggression - toward people and/or other animals
  • Fear
  • Obsessive behavior
  • Failure to walk on a lead calmly or at all
  • Basic disobedience
  • Other behaviors that are of concern to you & your family

Training & Rehabilitation Rates

  • Initial Consultation - $100: this will require a trainer meeting with you, your family (and any other people that live in the home) and your dog within your own home environment. An external trip to a park or space may also be required. Please allow up to 2 hours.

  • Subsequent Training/ Rehabilitation Sessions (1 hour) - $30 per session (up to 10 sessions): These sessions may be with just your dog & trainer or with you, your dog & the trainer depending on progress. Sessions may be required within your home or externally depending on the nature of the problem.

  • Should training or rehabilitation requirements exceed 10 sessions then the rate for each hourly session will become $20 per hour.

If after three months from the initial consultation & at least 10 follow up sessions your dog does notdemonstrate a significant improvement in training or behavior for the trainer(in the presence of you or your family) then your fees will be refunded minus a $50 booking/ travel fee. Not all behavior corrections will require up to 10 follow up sessions.

PLEASE REMEMBER: It will take more than just a trainer working with your dog to provide basic training or to correct a behavior - its is up to YOU to also make the commitment to change your behavior toward your dog in order to achieve a successful outcome.

For more information on training & rehabilitation or to book an initial consultation please use the contact page or email: [email protected]